Apple Blossom Kisses

Apple orchards adorned in white.  White flowers blushed with pink.

The Creator gently pushes open the tender, perfumed petals.  Yellow anthers stand tall surrounded by white.  Hidden secrets lie beneath.  Each part holds a purpose.

Whispers of fruit heard in spring breezes.

Today only white, wind, and bees.

Bees flitter from blossom to blossom.  Brushing against yellow anthers filled with pollen.  Soft kisses on tiny nectar sacs.

Pollen dropped in mysterious openings of nearby blossoms.  Perfectly formed by the One who works wonders in the dark.

Bees with sweet nectar dripping from laden mouths effortlessly sprinkling yellow powder.

Giving.  Receiving.

Whispers of fruit heard in spring breezes.

Each flower arrayed with beauty.  Waiting.  The Creator brings the bees.

Ten apple blossom kisses.  Ten drops of pollen.  Inner doors slowly close.  God has a plan.

Whispers of fruit heard in spring breezes.

Flowers wither in summer heat.  Emerging without fanfare, a tiny apple.  Barely visible.

Summer sun.  Early morning showers.  Tender touches of the farmer.

Roots drinking.  Fruit growing.  Waiting.

Shouts of fruit heard in autumn breezes.

Beautiful green, red apples sparkle in the sunshine.  Gentle twists from the farmer releases the fruit.

My children, precious blossoms in the spring of life.

Whispers of fruit heard in spring breezes. 

The Creator calling me to bring kisses.  Tender drops of love given on spring days.

Only God knows the hidden fruit within.  God has a plan.

My apple blossom kisses.  Grace given when undeserved.  It is simply grace.

Kind words answer anger.  Daily offerings given with joy.  Notes in lunch bags.  Letters on night stands.  Hugs healing wounds.  Laughter covering mistakes.  Homemade cookies warming hearts.

Apple blossom kisses.

Hidden secrets lie beneath.  Fruit without form.

And one day shouts of fruit in autumn breezes.

Perhaps telling of Jesus in another language.  A scientist explaining the God of creation.  A veterinarian sharing the hope of a loving Lord with animal lovers.

God has a plan.

Today sweet kisses and drops of love.  The farmer knows what each flower needs.

I kneel before The Farmer.  Asking for wisdom.  Longing for patience.  Needing Him to fill me.

He pours His love into me.  One day at a time.  Only grace for today.

Grace poured out on beautiful blossoms.  Kisses with prayers of fruit to come.

A mother’s love.  Part of God’s plan.

Photography copyright © by Jane Carole Stein


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