Living with Purpose


It’s a new year, a time when I look back and look forward.  Asking heart questions without simple answers open my ears to hear my Shepherd’s voice.  He is quietly leading me on a beautiful, sometimes difficult path He has planned for me.  My Savior has a purpose for my life.    Taking hold of this, and living within it makes the difference between living a life of mundane activities, and making a difference for Jesus.  How I long to experience a life overflowing with purpose!



Searching where I’ve walked this year helps me know where my feet are standing now.  It calls me forward into the unknown of this new year.


December 20 053


Looking Back Questions:

  • Did I pursue Jesus with desperation?  If not, why?
  • Was I quick to confess to God and others when I sinned?  Is there anything that I still need to ask forgiveness for?
  • What were my activities that had eternal significance? 
  • How did I waste my time? 
  • What were my biggest temptations to living without purpose?
  • Did my husband and children feel completely loved and accepted by me?  When was it the most challenging to show love?
  • How did I show love to people God brought into my life?



Living beyond daily tasks and activities requires effort, work.  Every day there are choices which determine if I walk on a path full of meaning or simply walk.  I’m searching, asking for my Lord to show me His purpose for me my life.  I’m asking questions, reading the Bible and begging God to open His plan to me. 

Most of us just walk through life without knowing what the Lord truly wants us to do.  We don’t know why we are placed on this earth.  I desperately want to know, and the questions pour out of me.



Purpose Questions:

  • Am I pursuing Jesus with desperation today?
  • What has God shown me in the world that is broken and needs to be transformed by Jesus’ love?
  • How does the Lord want me to share Jesus’ love in that place or with the people?
  • What gifts has my Master given me that can bring hope and love there?
  • What can I do today to start making a difference?



I’m finally starting to ask the right questions.  Without the right questions I can’t get the right answers.  I’ve searched for answers to how I can use my gifts.  I’ve begged God to use me.  I’m realizing now that using my gifts is only important once I’ve understood where and who the Lord wants me to love.

I live in a broken world that Jesus loves.  He desires for me to walk with Him somewhere or to a particular group of people to give His love.  I’m searching, asking with confidence knowing God will show me.  He will show each of us who wants to know our purpose.




God will use us to make a difference in this world, and give us meaning every day of our lives.

 Copyright © words and photographs by Jane Carole Stein


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