Family Friendly Book Series’


Books fill bookshelves around our house.  At bedtime each child climbs into bed with a book.  Snuggled into bed they travel to far-off lands, fight battles and delve into mysteries.  My children can learn of men and women of honor and valor, those worthy to be emulated.  They can imagine themselves overcoming unbelievable obstacles and making a difference in our world.

Reading a book series presents a challenge and adventure for children.  Stories can deepen through a series more than a single book.  Some series’ contain individual books related to a theme that a child can endeavor to understand.

Finding intriguing book series’ filled with upright values isn’t easy in our culture.  Even Christian books are filled with romance causing girls to long for a boyfriend more than God-given meaningful purposes.  It’s my responsibility to make sure my children are reading books that will inspire them to accomplish more than they think possible, and use their minds for God’s glory.

These series’ are some of our favorites.   

Heroes of the Faith

This series invites readers to explore men and women who have made an impact for God around the world.  These are great books for reading aloud as a family or for older children to read.  The stories inspire all ages to make their lives count for greater purposes.


Little House Books

By Laura Ingalls Wilder

These timeless books paint word pictures that allow children to understand life in the 19th century.  Each book continues Laura Ingalls’ life story opening when she was a small child in Wisconsin and ending with her life as a married woman.  Children, especially girls, love reading these books.  The books are wonderful for reading aloud.


Chronicles of Narnia

By C.S. Lewis

I still remember the excitement I experienced reading through this series as a child.  The books build on each other to reveal the adventures of children in the land of Narnia with a lion named Aslan.  Good, evil, suspense and battles provide great intrigue.  Rich Christian analogies are woven throughout the books.  This series never becomes stale, and my son has already read through the series twice.


Adventures of an Arctic Missionary

By Gloria Repp

This 3 book series is fiction, but the books read like a true life story.  The books are based in Alaska where missionary adventures are exciting and unpredictable.  The realistic scenarios keep children waiting for the next chapter.  The books are for children 9-12, but are exciting as family read aloud books.


Animal Ark

By Ben M. Baglio

This series is perfect for any animal lover, and provides a plethora of books.  The books reveal the adventures of Mandy and her friend James.  Mandy’s parents are veterinarians, and there are always animals around who need help.  We own many of the books and my daughter is excited about passing the books along to her children one day.


Miller Family Series

By Mildred A. Martin

I discovered this series a few years ago, and we continue to enjoy reading them.  The Millers are a Mennonite family, and the practical wisdom and life stories shared in the book are inspiring.  We read the books aloud because they generate so much good discussion.  The chapters are short and are filled with great insights.  The Millers simple way of life is a great contrast to our culture.


Cam Jansen

By David A. Adler

This series is great for a first grade reader.  Each of my children have read through this series as they became independent readers.  The books give a mystery to solve, and keep the reader engaged.  Reading through a series is exciting as they search for the next book.

Trailblazer Books

Based on true Christian heroes these books bring history to life.  Each book is about a different Christian in history who stood for right in the midst of amazing hardships.  The authors include dialogue and some added material that enhance the true stories, but may not have actual happened.  The books are exciting and show an ideal of character rarely seen in books today.  The books are excellent for children to read independently or as a family read-aloud. 




Treasury of Illustrated Classics

Each book in this series is an abridged and simplified version of a classic book.  The books provide just enough of the story for children to understand an overview.  The books have large letters and pictures with almost every page.  They are a great introduction to reading books from past generations.  Exposure to the classics make children desire good literature.


Anne of Green Gables

By L.M. Montgomery

Following the antics of Anne keeps most girls reading long past bedtime.  Montgomery weaves interesting stories into every page.  Anne’s honesty helps put girls at ease about their looks, behavior and underlying desires of life.  Each book in the series builds on each other. 


What book series’ for children do you recommend?  I’m always on the search for a new series that will inspire and encourage my children.


Copyright © words and photographs by Jane Carole Stein


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