Spring Family Activities


Emerging from our warm home cocoon we are reveling in the ecstasy of spring.  The brilliant flowers, extravagant birds and sunshine beckon us outside.  God’s creation awakens from its winter slumber to proclaim new life.  The Creator unfolds the truth of being born again in vivid colors before our eyes.

Stepping into the masterpiece of spring we make lasting family memories.  Here is a list of our favorite spring family activities.  Our oldest to our youngest talk about these experiences long after the cool breezes turn into hot summer days.


1.  Fishing


2.  Riding bikes

3.  Playing soccer

4.  Hiking


5.  Taking nature pictures

6.  Visiting a planetarium and observatory


7.  Playing baseball

8.  Taking a picnic to a park

9.  Picking strawberries


10. Eating fresh fruit

11. Visiting a farm or zoo


12. Wading in a mountain stream


13. Working in the yard

14. Cooking on the grill

15.  Playing tennis


Often when older people see our family they will quietly say to me and my husband, “Enjoy your children because these days go by so fast.”  Each day is a gift from God to be unwrapped.  It can never be returned or experienced again.



The Lord is the Giver of all good things.    


Copyright © words and photographs by Jane Carole Stein