Mother’s Day Brunch Recipes


Mother’s Day evokes many memories from my childhood.  My dad always gave my mom a flower corsage which she pinned proudly to her dress and wore to church.  We made handmade cards and gifts that are still stored somewhere in a box in their house.



Now that I’m a mom three times over, my family has made our own memories.  I keep the beautiful cards safely in my nightstand that my husband and children so lovingly made.  The yearly picture with my children shows me how we are changing.



Today I’m writing about food! If you are planning to eat at home for Mother’s Day, these are some unique and great recipes to try.  Most of them can be made ahead so you can go to church and then enjoy a relaxing brunch with your family.

I wish I thought about taking more food pictures, but by the time I bring the food to the table it’s too late.  My family is ready to eat and of course, they don’t want to wait until mom takes a picture.  I took the flower pictures this spring as I took walks in the glorious sunshine.  What an amazing array of colors only the Creator can make.   This same Creator wove my children together so intricately inside of me.



Brunch Recipes

Sunrise Smoothie

Chocolate Chip Scones

Dessert Crepes

Fruit Kabobs

Quinoa Black Bean Salad


Ziplock Ice Cream


Enjoy these recipes on Mother’s Day or any day of the year!  Every day is a celebration because it is one more day God has given us to live!


Copyright© words and photographs by Jane Carole Stein



One thought on “Mother’s Day Brunch Recipes

  1. Jane,  Great pictures and wonderful memories.  We are so glad you all will be with us for Mother’s Day.  Love, Dad


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