Framed Art Work


This is a beautiful gift that every child loves to make.  Many art stores have coupons that can be used on the frames so it isn’t an expensive gift, but looks very classy. 

If a child doesn’t like to paint but loves photography, you can enlarge a photograph they have taken and place in frame. 

Items Needed


Mat, if desired

Watercolor or art paper



Photo of Child, optional



1. Measure frame or mat opening on art paper.  Cut paper a little larger than opening.

2. Have child paint a picture on the cut paper.  Children love to paint, and they are proud when they know their painting will be displayed. Make sure the child writes their name (or a parent writes it) with the year below.

3. Let the painting completely dry.  If it needs to dry quickly, you can use a blow dryer on low speed.

4. Place picture in frame.  An optional idea is to buy a frame with two openings.  In one opening place the child’s photo and in the other place their painting. 

5. If this gift is given to a grandparent, the child can attach a card with “Painting of the Month Club.  You will receive one beautiful painting each month for a year.”  Just remember the child needs to paint a picture each month to send to their grandparent.


Your Thoughts

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