Make Your Own Game

This is great for kids of all ages!  My kids have spent hours creating their own games and playing them.  They love when my husband and I play with them because it was their own ideas.

A game can be given as a gift or just enjoyed as a family.  Everyone loves games!

Game Ideas

1. Tape together card stock paper to create desired board size.  Draw out a game with pencil, then trace with black marker.  The possibilities are endless!

2. Create a game on many of the free websites.  I love to make bingo games for any occasion. You can make games for holidays, birthdays and special occasions (World Series, Super Bowl…) Print out the games on cardstock paper. 

3. Create an Eye Spy set with things around the house.  Take a picture of it and print it.  Make a list of items to find.  You can choose themes or just random items.  A child can do this, and even make a book of pictures and things to find.  This provides hours of fun.

4. For the Lego lovers in the family, this is a great game.  Think of easy objects that can be built with legos in 3 minutes or less.  Cut out small rectangles of card stock.  Write the name of the objects on the pieces of cardstock.  To play you will need a pile of legos, object cards and timer.  Set timer for 3 minutes.  Turn over one of the object cards to see what you need to build.  Turn on timer, and start building.  This can be played as an individual, 2 people or even teams.


Your Thoughts

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