I Run to You

Good morning, Father.

In the stillness and peace of the morning,

I praise your name.


I can hear no one except you

and I am resting in the sound of your voice.

Your voice is loving, graceful, powerful, and inviting.


I run to you without being afraid.

I run to you with awe and reverence–-You are the Almighty God.

I run to you with expectation–-You desire to speak words of truth to me.

I run to you as a little girl–-I am a child of the King.

I run to you as a woman–-we have walked together all of these years.

Daddy, I run to you!


Thank you for holding out your arms to greet me.

You are a Father who is close

and not far off.

You are a Lord who is my shepherd

who always helps me find my way back home.

You are the Lover of my Soul

and the Bridegroom who I am waiting for with great expectation.

You are the Comforter–

who guides me and comforts me.

You are Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit.

I worship and adore you, today.

Copyright © 1996 by Jane Carole Stein


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