Jane Carole Stein

I’m so glad we found each other.

Running is never easy, especially running alone.   We need each other.

If you are already running your race, you know the daily struggle of running with purpose.  But somewhere, somehow in the pain we experience the wonderful Grace!

I’m Jane Carole Stein, and I’m trying to run the race that is marked out for me.

You see sometimes I get confused.  I try running a race meant for someone else.  I even tell God perhaps He got the markings wrong, and I am suppose to run in another direction.

I’m a wife to a man who understands numbers, but he has learned to love words.  We have three beautiful children who show me Jesus’ grace every day.  It is so simple.

Sometimes I fall.  There are times I want to quit.  Most of all I have come to understand that I can run only in the Christ’s grace and strength.

I want to run The Graceful Race.  The race full of grace.

And along this path, I actually run.  Running is my teacher.  Discipline.  Goals.  Perseverance.

I write because the words pour out of me.  He is the Giver.  I am the jar of clay.

I gently hold a lens to show words with breath and color.

Traveling shows me God’s image in each beautiful face.

And yes, there is my wonderful home.  The people I love most are there.  And we do life.  Exhilirating.  Frustrating.  Peaceful.  Hurting.  Trying to give grace.  Hoping to receive grace.

Can we run together?

There is joy in the pain.  Peace along the path.  And always Grace.

One day there will be a prize…what an amazing day it will be when Jesus is standing at the finish line.

It is The Graceful Race.


2 thoughts on “Jane Carole Stein

  1. How very beautiful you are in all your ways, thoughts, words and deeds. We all have things to enjoy, forgive, love, experience, confess and give away. How I thank God for giving us a beautiful example of “grace” in you. May God bless and keep you in all your ways and especially as you give us your beautiful paintings in words. We will all be richer and expanded for reading them. Thank you for your forgiveness and love and grace as your mother. Love, Mom

  2. Jane,

    I am amazed by your writing! Your story of the words from your teacher brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for reminding me of God’s grace and how I need to experience it and show it to others! As your sister, we have been in the Race for a long time together. Let’s continue to “spur one another on!” God’s grace covers a multitude of sins! Thank you for forgiving me and showing me grace too! Love, Anne

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