Snow Day!

“No school!” my kids shouted as the news showed their school district in the listing of closings.  What a rare treat in our southern climate to have a day off school because of snow, well actually ice.  My three children climbed the stairs to bed filled with anticipation for the next day.

Somehow my precious children don’t have “sleeping late” genes, and they were awake soon after 7 am.  They wouldn’t want to miss a minute of being able to stay home!

My kids’ favorite, chocolate chip pancakes, were on the menu for breakfast.  Covering steaming pancakes with syrup and whipped cream, smiles spread across three sweet faces.

My kids have celebrated enough birthdays for me to know how quickly the years pass.  I cherish days like today when we have to stay inside.

February 22 037

We have played chess and Guess Who by the fire.  I baked with my 13-year-old daughter, and saw her pride as her siblings oohed and aahed over her dessert.  I read Little House on the Prairie with my youngest, and thought about when I first read the book with my dad.

And now we are sitting by the fire watching “Sound of Music.”  We are singing, watching, and loving our snow day!

February 22 090

Each day is a gift, especially those with ice on the ground and closed schools!

Copyright © words and photographs by Jane Carole Stein